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Feather Edge Fencing in Tarporley, Cheshire

Richard Reeves Fencing provides feather edge fencing to customers in the Tarporley, Cheshire area. There are two ways you can have a Feather Edge Fence, in loose materials made up on site or in panels that you can erect onto wooden or concrete posts. Call our professional to install new fences that make your property look great.


A Popular Choice

Feather edge fencing is an attractive and hard-wearing choice that is very much in vogue for customers looking for a strong fence. Sizes in stock from .9m to 2.1mt in height.

Our professionals bring the loose materials to your site and erect them. Fencing options include a capping rail to give it a professional look, or a gravel rail to protect the fence from rotting.

Garden Panels

Standard panels are golden brown, but for an additional £2.50 per panel we can pressure treat them green, they are stronger and will last longer.


Feather Edge Panel




Waney Lap Panel

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