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Agricultural Netting- Sheep,Pig,Chicken,Rabbit and Horse Netting

Buy all your wire mesh fencing from Richard Reeves Fencing, fencing experts based in Tarporley, Cheshire. We also provide timber gates.

Sheep & Pig Netting

Keep your animals fully secured! Richard Reeves Fencing supply and erect C.8.80.15 sheep netting with barbed wire or plain wire.

Posts are 1650x87mm rounds, set at three-metre centres, except for the strainer posts that are used at the start, end, corners and every 50m. Our materials include:

Netting = C/8/80/15 sheep netting in 50m rolls

Barbed wire= Galv two-ply barbed wire in 200m rolls OR

Plain wire = 3.15mm mild steel wire in approx 410m rolls (25kg)

Strainer Posts =  2.1x125mm or 2.4x 150mm round, approx 50m apart

Intermediate Posts = 1.650m x 87mm machined rounds set at three-meter centers

Staples and nails also available

Request an estimate from Richard Reeves Fencing for all your wire mesh products that
are ideal for sheep or pig netting, from professionals based in Tarporley, Cheshire.